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Family Youth Engagement

Family Youth Activities


7G Δ Youth Board 

In 2010, the seventh generation of the extended Houghton family held their first Youth meeting. At that meeting, the 7G Δ Youth Board was formed. These youth members aged 8-18 years explored the 3 T’s of Philanthropy – Time, Treasure and Talent.  They were also given the task of reviewing grant proposals that had been submitted from local youth agencies. Once grant decisions were made, they presented to the Triangle Fund board.

Since then the 7G Δ Youth Board meets each year at the end of June in to review and award youth grants.  Four local agencies are invited to submit grant proposals that must be written by a youth participant between the ages of 8-18 years. These proposals are for Community Service, Healthy Habits or Arts and/or Cultural Project.

Grants are selected using the following criteria:

  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Number served or impacted
  • Educational Component
  • Connection between the Program and the community

Congratulations to the 2021-22 Grant recipients:

  • Friends of the Addison Youth Center
  • Canisteo Valley Youth Center
  • Hornell Area Concern for Youth Center
  • Southside Community Center

Triangle Fund Summer Internship / Gratia’s Internship Program

To provide a unique educational and work-related experience for a young family member to participate in and contribute to the Triangle Fund’s mission of supporting at-risk youth in the Steuben, Chemung and Schuyler counties of New York.  This opportunity will generate interest in the legacy, history and values of the family while providing an enriching, hands-on experience working with a private family foundation and the non-profit organization it supports.

Summary: The Summer Learning Internship Program, now called Gratia’s Internship Program, was introduced in 2012, and was designed to provide opportunity for members of the extended family to learn about the family foundation and how the Triangle Fund is involved in the local community. Interns are heavily involved in the grant making cycle and are exposed to both the financial and organizational aspects of philanthropy.

Each summer, Triangle Fund will have a placement for one or two young family members to work with the family foundation in Corning, NY, as a summer intern. In the event that a family member is not available to participate in Gratia’s Internship Program, applications will then be accepted by a non-family community member.

Requirements: All interns, family and/or non-family members, must be at least 18 years of age. High school students, graduates, those in college or recent college graduates will be eligible. Intern(s) will come to Corning for two to six weeks in the summer to work at the Triangle Fund office and volunteer at Triangle Fund-supported community agencies. The internship program is based on each individual and their needs.

Contact: If you are interested in Gratia’s Internship Program, and would like additional information, please email Pam Noviello at or feel free to call 607-346-4453.

“The Internship program was the best part of my summer before college! This was my first job ever and I am proud to have received the opportunity to make such a difference and learn so much. I learned more about the Houghton side of the family than I thought to be ever possible.”   Bethany, Family Member Intern

“The two most important things that I learned through my internship with Triangle Fund was  how much diversity exists with the people and places that the Triangle Fund serves, and also that there are several programs and youth centers in this area that do so much,  with not a lot of financial support.”  Mitchell, Community Member Intern

“This internship not only provided me with a sound understanding of many real world procedures, but it also allowed me to connect back the place that is responsible for how I live my life. Meeting people in and around Corning and seeing that you have actually made a difference in their life is a very rewarding feeling. The Houghton family owes so much of its success to Corning and the surrounding communities, so it was the least I could do to give back a little.”  Michael Mac, Family Member Intern