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YMCA of Greater Rochester – Corning Community YMCA

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The YMCA of Greater Rochester, Corning Community Branch has been serving people of all ages since 1966.   Our Mission: The YMCA of Greater Rochester is a charitable association of members that seeks to place Christian principles into practice through its programs for the community to build a healthy spirit, mind, and body for all. The Corning YMCA welcomes families and persons of all ages, income levels, and physical conditions with an emphasis on responsibility and self-improvement. We do not turn anyone away for inability to pay.

Program: Catch Kids Club

The “CATCH Kids Club” program is a research based program which we will use to engage youth at risk, in collaboration with the Addison Youth Center, during the Youth Center’s afterschool activity time.  CATCH stands for “Coordinated Approach to Child Health”.  This program takes a holistic approach with reinforcing healthy messages from the schools, engaging parents through information materials and activities they can do at home, healthy snacks and physical activities.

The CATCH Kids Club  gives youth who are not involved in organized sports programs an opportunity to engage in physical activities that may not be conventional.  The goal of this program is to build leadership skills through goal setting, self-confidence through learning new skills, and a sense of accomplishment through making healthy choices; all while nurturing a desire to be physical active by learning fun activities in a safe and non-judgmental environment.

YMCA of Greater Rochester
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