Founded 1993

Corning-Painted Post Area School District

The High School Learning Center

The HSLC serves youth from the Corning School District who have dropped out or are likely to leave high school before graduation. The School has very high standards and expectations ensuring that graduates have the skills and ethics needed to succeed after graduation. The School connects youth and the community in mutually beneficial relationships that enrich all stakeholders. Graduates will possess a NYS Regent’s Diploma and goals for the future.

Program: Employer Reimbursement

The Triangle Fund finances the reimbursement of local not-for-profit agencies who hire HSLC Students.  HSLC students are required to work or volunteer a minimum of 15 hours per week in the community. Not-for-profit agencies are often in need of employees but their budgets will not allow for it. Funding for reimbursement allows businesses to add valuable positions while giving HSLC students the opportunity to build relationships, skills, experience, and a paycheck to help with family and personal needs.

Contact Information

  David Quackenbush, HSLC Lead Teacher