Founded 1993

Finger Lakes Museum

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The Finger Lakes Museum is and will continue as the destination dedicated to celebrating our Finger Lakes.  Inspiring pride, deepening appreciation, and encouraging active stewardship of and for the cultures, lands, and abundant water resources that make the region a true treasure will remain at the forefront in all we do.



While developing its physical site, the FLM has conducted various educational programs from its inception. These programs include Back from the Brink (story of bald eagle restoration to the Finger Lakes, Vine to Wine (history of the Finger Lakes wine industry), Finger Lakes Foodways (in-school programs about the farm-to-table process), kayak/canoe programs (boating adventures on Sugar Creek and Keuka Lake), and expanding cultural and natural history programs including:  timber frame, nature photography, and climate classes along with wetland, bird and forest hikes.  A variety of groups have participated in these free and paid programming initiatives, including: veterans, youth centers, school districts, residents, tourists, scouts, business teams, and more.  With the help of the Triangle fund, we’ve brought underserved youth groups from the southern tier onto our campus to participate in kayak paddling activities and guided, educational walks through our wetlands.  We will continue to provide educational, nature-oriented programming to young people as part of our mission to inspire appreciation and celebrate the cultures and ecology of the vast and unique Finger Lakes region.