Founded 1993

Hornell Area Concern for Youth, Inc.


Hornell Area Concern for Youth offers Youth Prevention Services including substance abuse prevention counseling and education in the schools and at our youth centers. Emphasis is on utilizing materials that promote positive decisions making and character development. Each week programming includes Mentoring Program CAMP (Caring Attitudes Mentoring Program) matching youth 8-12 with older high school mentors and community adults. Hornell Area Concern for Youth, Inc. has two youth centers; The Canisteo Valley Youth Center and the Hornell Area Concern for Youth Center. The “Madagascar Café” is located in Hornell.

Program: Hornell Youth Center
The Hornell site serves all school age children in the Hornell and surrounding communities with a well rounded, comprehensive prevention program. They focus on building skills for all children, providing drug and alcohol and violence prevention education and work on improving social and behavioral sills for children at risk. Each year Concern for Youth hosts the Drug Quiz, a competition against other schools in the Southern Tier. Students form teams and then work with a coach/advisor for a semester learning about healthy living and how drugs effect people; good and bad.

Program: Canisteo Valley Youth Center
Established in 2006, the Canisteo Youth Center merged with Hornell Area Concern for Youth, Inc. in 2011. The Youth Center is the only youth development program offered afterschool to the children in this small rural community. The staff from Hornell have organized and created a well rounded program based on the teachings of the Advancing Youth Development Program from Cornell University.

Hornell Area Center for Youth
76 East Main Street
Hornell, NY 14843

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