Founded 1993

Tanglewood Nature Center

Program: General Support

We offer programs year-round, covering science and nature topics ranging from wetland ecology, to gardening and composting. Our educational programs incorporate our animal ambassadors – we work with live animals from insects on up to our native mammals, hawks, and owls.

Many of our animals are wild, non-releasable animals. They have come to live with us permanently due to injury or imprinting, so they can’t survive in the wild – but they can make a real, lasting impression and help teach all ages about the importance of conservation.

Our museum hosts interactive, hands-on learning exhibits, interpretative signage about our native species, and houses over 40 animals. We also maintain nine miles of trails for the public to freely use for hiking, running, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, bird watching and photography.

One of our signature programs is the Meg Lowman Treetops Camp.

The Meg Lowman Treetops Camp is a summer science camp that has been held at Tanglewood for 10 years. It is named after Elmira native and world-renowned forest canopy researcher, Meg Lowman. Our target audience is primarily at-risk girls aged 9-12 who have shown their teachers or other adult mentors an interest in science. We provide tuition, food, supplies, and transportation (if needed), for the week. Female scientists from local colleges, businesses and other non-profits provide education in topics such as forest studies, wetlands, small mammal populations and more. We wrap up the week with real tree climbing with Cornell Outdoor Education and a visit from Meg Lowman. The program is in line with our mission to get people outdoors and teach them an appreciation of the natural world through education and recreation. More specifically, for this group, we introduce young girls to nature and science in a safe and positive way with strong female teachers as role models, so they feel able, empowered, and excited to pursue science in the future.

Tanglewood Nature Center
443 Coleman Ave., Elmira, NY 14903

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  Elaine Smith, Executive Director