Founded 1993

The Friends of the Addison Youth Center, Inc.

The Friends of the Addison Youth Center provides after school and summer care for youth in grades K-12 in the Addison Central School District and surrounding areas.  The center oversees 2 programs located at The First Baptist Church located at 14 Baldwin Avenue and The Youth Center located on 21 Community Drive.  Throughout the year the FAYC serves over 120 school age youth.  Programming includes gardening, cooking, Playworks games, homework help, team building programs, and much, much more.



Program: Partial Support of Director

The funds provided by the Triangle Fund will help to provide Administrative support to the Addison Youth Center.  The Director will use funds to help pay salary, attend training and continue to increase professionalism to the AYC.




21 Community Drive
Addison, NY 14801

Contact Information

  Phyllis Grist, Executive Director